Hi, I'm Brianna Johns de Moll


Brianna Johns de Moll is a tongue twister that I’ve always struggled with how to handle. An extra space...uppers and lowers...too long.... frequently miss-pronounced...let alone, how do I brand myself as a designer? For a birthday some years ago, I was gifted a monogrammed jewelry box and the company had (of course) mistakenly jumbled my many initials into: bdemm.

There it was. Simple, Unapologetic and thankfully short. Instead of returning it for a correction, I instantly identified with this straight-forward abbreviation, loving how the letters looked and sounded, and felt like it brought my name into focus. Bdemm Design represents how I clarified my own identity and serves as a reminder of the ultimate goal as I work on each new design project.

I am a Creative/Art Director and Designer living and working in the Greater NYC area. After graduating from Syracuse University's Communications Design program in 2012, I started out in this industry as a branding and packaging designer, creating identities for many recognizable household, beauty and luxury brands.

Today, I take that big picture-thinking and apply it to all areas of a brand, with a special focus on digital content creation. By establishing a cohesive visual strategy from logo to shelf to social media, I grow brand awareness and shop-ability for product and service companies looking to expand their business. .

When I'm not at the office, you can find me working on The Dropcloth, a design/DIY/lifestyle blog, posting about my current projects and resources for other creatives. Say hi on Instagram or Pinterest to see more of what I'm up to, interested in and inspired by!

If you're ready to chat, I'm always reachable at brianna@bdemm.com.